Granica / Grenze / Border - a film by eni brandner

Austria 2009 | 6 min | colour | 16:9 | stereo

watch Granica @ EUROPE IN SHORTS - accompanied by a text by Werner Busch ‘Scream of Stone’ and interview with eni ‘Houses can tell their own stories’


Granica, Grenze, Border - dividing line between two religions, two cultures - between majoritarian Serbian respectively Croatian areas. Twelve years after the end of the conflict about the 'Republic of Serbian Krajina' in the Yugoslavian/Croatian war (1991-1995), the traces of altercation are still present.

Delapidated, destroyed houses - partly sitting right next to minefields, or in the middle of townscapes, waiting for their owners - act as unintentional memorials, warding off oblivion. The former inhabitants or their descendants/heirs return only slowly to the area rendered improvident by the Yugoslavian war. What persists are half abandoned villages and scarcely inhabited cities in the hinterland, off the beaten track, which still haven't recovered from the times of war.

Filmed in Zitnic, Drnis, Sibenik and Tepljuh (Croatia) in 2008, in locations around the area of the temporary border of the 'Republic of Serbian Krajina'. After the 'Log Revolution' in August 1990 this area became one of the focal points in the Yugoslavian/Croatian war 1991-1995.

Concept, Screenplay, Camera, Editing

Eni Brandner

Music & Sound

Christof Dienz

Camera & Editing Assistant

Darko Vidackovic


Eni Brandner in cooperation with AMOUR FOU